Services CFD - SHIPS - Calm water, Sea-keeping, Manoeuvrability

sailing yacht

Free surface flow computation has been one ot the main items of research in the last years, due to the physical and mathematical complexity of the phenomenon and its importance for determining ship performances.

Panel methods have been applied for about two decades with some success but also, due to their many intrinsic approximations, with sometimes questionable results. If, from one side, this is part of the natural evolution of an emergent technology, from the other it has created in many ship designers some discredit about the practical applicability of CFD for marine applications. 

Nowadays, with the commonly available computational power, RANS solvers using efficient techniques to compute whatever complex free surfaces, can be successfully used, overcoming many of the drawbacks of earlier techniques. For ship design this means that calm-water, sea-keeping and also Manoeuvrability tests can be performed using CFD with the necessary precision required from a practical point of view, exactly as using the towing tank



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