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Streamlines on upwind sails

Panel codes and RANS methods are truly valuable for sail design.

Nowadays, more sail designers are conscious of the added value the knowledge of the flow behaviour on their sail can be. Knowing more about the physics of the phenomenon they are facing enable them to rationalize the collection of practical experience they accumulate.

Caponnetto-Hueber started using CFD for upwind and downwind sails more then a decade ago, with also some pioneering work on rigs-sails interaction. Nowadays, this know-how is at disposal of the sail designers.

Moreover our company is the developer of SailOpt, a sail shape optimizer based on panel method. 

With the aim to improve the codes and to fit it to the real needs of sail designers, we are constituting the "Consortium on Sail Design". The Consortium will gather a pool of sailmakers and designers in a joint effort between industry and research in order to address the common issues of sail design.

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