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4 time America's Cup Winner - 9 Participations

Mario Caponnetto


Mario Caponnetto



Marine and Mechanical Engineer graduated from Genoa University, Italy.

2-time America's Cup winner.

Mario has worked for many years as a researcher first at the Genoa University and then at EPFL. He specialized in Marine CFD and propeller design while working at Fincantieri and then at ROLLA Sp Propellers developing avant-guard state of the arts methodologies and tools for motor-yachts.

After a 1st participation in America’s cup with Il Moro di Venezia where he was in charge of the CFD and the Towing Tank, he created the revolution in the sailing Racing World by setting a RANS Numerical Towing Tank Methology for sailing yachts when he joined Luna Rossa in 2004.


He then joined ORACLE Team USA in 2007 and won twice in a row the oldest trophy in Sport History in 2010 and 2013 USA as CFD Department responsible and Senior Designer. In total he participated in 5 editions (1992, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2017).


Topics of expertize:
     - CFD
     - Hydrodynamics
     - Aerodynamics
     - Propeller Design and Analysis
     - Appendage Design and Analysis
     - Innovative Concepts
     - R&D


"Caponnetto-Hueber has been leading the Computational Fluid Dynamics development and use in the America's Cup world for more than 15 years and now brings it to the whole Marine Industry"

Mario Caponnetto, Co-Founder