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Numerical simulations which solve the Fluid Dynamics equations. The CFD development and increased use over the last 10 years, has empowered the Naval Architects and the Yacht Designers to find accurate and time-effective solutions without having the need to build scaled models to be test in towing tanks of wind tunnel.

As a consequence the development of innovative solutions risk, time and cost has decreased drasctically.
Nowadays, within a few weeks, dozens or hundreds of shapes can be tested and compared to help the designers to find the best compromise and solution.



Caponnetto Hueber core expertise is Hydrodynamics. We share with the Naval Architects or the Designer our extended experience and assist them in the definition of an optimized shapes in a cost effective and timely manner.
Depending of the problem to be solved, we will propose to our clients a detailed test matrix and allocate its computational resource to suit its need.

Caponnetto Hueber CFD Ships
Caponnetto Hueber CFD Mega-Yachts



Caponnetto Hueber has developed over the year one of the most advanced aerodynamic expertise in Yacht and Ship Design.

It lead the development and the innovative solution (Pod+Endplates+faired Beams configuration) that was selected by ORACLE TEAM USA Design Team. The ORACLE Team USA AC72 aero-package proved to be the most advanced one of the 2013 competitions and was a key factor in the boat speed edge over Emirates TNZ during the last America’s Cup Final back in September 2013 in San Francisco.



Over the years and with the increasing HPC (High Performance Computer) resources available, we have developed methodologies to optimize shapes (hulls, appendages, propellers, …) using potential flow codes as well as state-of-the-arts RANS (Reynolds Average Navier-Stockes) computations in a timely manner.
As an example, a hull multi-objective optimization (different speeds, different drat/trim, stability criteria,…) testing a few 100’s of geometries can be performed within a few weeks. A couple of years ago, for the same accuracy, it would have taken months of computations.

Caponnetto Hueber CFD America's Cup
Caponnetto Hueber CFD America's Cup



Historically in the Maritime Industry the structure has always been seen as a constraint for the hydro and aerodynamicists.

Over the last few years, within the America’s Cup enviromment, Caponnetto Hueber has developped concepts and methologies able to “use” the structures in order to improve aero or hydro performance. Thus the structure is designed hand-in-hand with the shape so both acts in a predefined manner and does not work against each other.

Initially developped for appendages, these methologies and concepts can be brought to many components of the yachts and ships.



Caponnetto Hueber is not only a Hydro or Aerodynamics consultant for its clients. Our services goes well beyond the analysis data it provides.

Indeed, with an extended background in naval architecture and design, we analyse the results with the clients to get the best out of it and orient (or lead, depending of the service required) the development and the design of the customer project.

In addition, design work can be out-sourced from the Naval Architect Engineering office to us. Such work can range from hull line definition to propeller costumed design or motorization selection.

Caponnetto Hueber CFD Propellers