Caponnetto Hueber CFD America's Cup



4-time winner of the America’s Cup with 9 participations, Caponnetto Hueber has been part of the most prestigious sailing competitions for more than 10 years and has been a key-player in the AC revolution with the introduction of multi-hulls (2010) and then flying yachts (2013).

We have been responsible of the Aerodynamics development of the AC72 winner which is now a standard in Multi-hull design (jib and wing endplates, pod and beams concepts).

We have also be one of the protagonist of the Flying yachts concepts and appendages development and optimization.



Caponnetto Hueber started its expertise within the Maritime World from the Mega-Yachts Industry. It introduced, adapted and developed CFD use and applications in the late 90’s and has since kept on pushing the use of Numerical Methodologies to help the yachts project developments.

From planing hulls to fully displacement hulls, we have collaborated over the years with some of the keys players in the Industry.

Caponnetto Hueber CFD Mega-Yachts
Caponnetto Hueber CFD Ships



From Naval Architecture to route optimization, from hull shape definition to propeller design, Caponnetto Hueber has all the expertise to create fuel efficient and low- emission ships.

Once available only for a few, states of the arts analysis and optimization tools are now available to create the ships of the future.

With stricter regulations, these studies won’t be just “a plus” it will be a necessity in order to assure the Naval Architects and the Ship Owners that the new ships or a refitted one will pass the certifications, preserve the environment and will be cost-effective.



Often chosen from standards propeller series, Caponnetto Hueber can provide customized and optimized propellers.

We own a proprietary code propeller design code which provides optimized geometry for a given yacht or ships. Then the geometry can be further refined to improve the hull-propeller interactions and limit or use cavitation to reach an even better efficiency.

Caponnetto Hueber CFD Propellers
Caponnetto Hueber CFD America's Cup



From racing yachts appendages such as keel, bulb, rudders to propellers or fins on motor-yachts, Caponnetto Hueber has being designing state-of-the-arts appendages using its most advanced tools and methodologies.

It includes section shapes (2D), plan form (3D) and can include the structure to take the deformation and the structure response to the fluid excitation into account.



We have been supporting sail designers for many years. By our knowledge of sailing and our tools, we help and support sailors in learning how to trim best.
We has been responsible of the aerodynamic wing development of BMW Oracle on the trimaran giant wing which one of the key-driver in the AC33 victory over the Swiss Alinghi.

ORACLE TEAM USA AC72 Seakeeping Global Model CFD